Immortal Conquest logoIf we apprise you that there is one game that will ample your belly of all the adventures and charisma you want, the action you look for, doldrums you love and conflagrations you want to fight, then you might think that we are boffing!!! But wait, No man we aren’t because we got the Immortal Conquest, a game based and dependent upon the strategies that you have under your belt. This 21st century enigma is a code to crack that will make you get out of your solace and scrabble to be the best in the world of conjures. Your illusions of conquering the world may not be an impossibility now, as your efforts and your assiduous work are going to pave the path for you. Let’s have a glance at the stories encompassed by the game.

Immortal Conquest for PC

Immortal Conquest is a free land oriented strategy game, taking into account all the cerebrum you possess, so what does the game wants you to do? Build your own empire!!! Enjoy your camaraderie with friends, Expand on what you have got, be a balance sorter, protect your realm and be victorious in the paddocks of Conquest. Chattering about the stories of the game, according to the game’s script, gods of this fictitious world, 5 of them, are at an accord to confer limited blessings upon folks of their panorama, the rationale being that if those blessings are not bonded to a limited extent then it would cause hazards to these shimmering fantasy lands. But the public has no access to this kind of information, which results in the inference that people need to be proactive regarding every god that they believe in and offer him or her all their gratitude. In the ancient times, these blessed kingdoms, 13 of them, were prosperous, as the faithful took command of them, but now various wars have been raged on the land, and rulers seek every ounce of blessing from the god they believe in to be triumphant in the combats they confront. The fantasy gods gauging the needs of the masses and rulers have sent out various Gairos to lead the kingdoms in Armageddon.

Gairos of the Game

Immortal Conquest for PC & Mac
In simple words if you want to understand, Gairos are the blessed ones, the heroes of autocrats and their public, conferred upon various kingdoms by the one in skies. Gairos lead the armies of prosaic men into the battlefield, as they are the sacred ones they possess the supernatural power which no one other has. Gairos are made stronger by the rulers by increasing the potency of their army which consequently increases the firepower of a Gairo. This catapults the idea that the more you have harnessed a stronger army, a stronger hero i.e gairo you are going to have.

In the game Immortal Conquest, you have a wide stockyard of Gairos available to opt from, these gairos differ in power, capacity and are one of the decisive factors for you to be on the winning side of the table. To be precise, there are almost 300 awesome gairos to lead your battle games!!!

Let’s get a quick look at some of the famous gairos from the game.

  • Poseidon
  • Rhea
  • Selene
  • Crius
  • Arthur
  • Ares
  • And many more exciting characters to choose from.

Similarly, a user also has a spectrum of skills acquirable to equip his army with them. These skills are collectively a possession of an army and can be used any time to inflict a good deal of damage on the opponent.
We are sure, you still have lots of hunger left to learn and digest more of this galvanizing game.

Features of Immortal Conquest

Mythologies given New life

You would have definitely heard of various greek, Egyptian, celtic and other mythologies from around the world. But now it is time for you to experience these mythologies hands on. With all those mythological creatures made a reality for you in the game, you can get a real eye view of what those mystic, supernatural kingdoms would have looked like.

Various modes are available

Keeping in view the thirst for various modes that gamers are looking for, Immortal conquest has got a variety of playing options in it. Get a glimpse of what the game offers you

    • Player vs Player(PVP)

Immortal conquest with its unique PVP mode allows a giant Armageddon to take place, where 300 vs 300 alliance battles take place with friends and allies cohort strategies to be victorious. Get united with you friends, crush the enemies, take all the war booty and enjoy combating other players all around the world.

    • Single Player

You can also continue your conquests, with your own might and take your armies to the gates of the enemies, either settle your disputes or be a hammer to crush your adversaries. These online features offer a great deal of comfort, as depending upon your current combat skills you can opt for one of the safe passage.

Vast lands await your invasion

Expansion in immortal conquest is not a problem for you. Get your commonwealth amplified over a collection of over 2 million pieces of land!!! Yes, you heard it right, entail those vast resources in your realm to proselyte it into a regional power.

Turn yourself into a Diplomat

Diplomacy is not a child’s play, you learn it rather than earning it. Your power of conciliation can get you big rewards in the game. Ally yourself with some of the mightiest kingdoms of the games, show your diplomatic arch and be a master of the regional politics. So in immortal conquest, you are a diplomat also, great responsibility lies upon you, fulfil your imperatives and knock down your assailants.

Set long term goals

Once Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won before it is fought.” Strategies still remain the crux of your games, brilliant minds are always tested through there reasonings, employing the logic that you need to be an excellent strategist to lead your mighty armies into the chaos and lead them to the podium. Immortal Conquest wants you to do the same, get your brain muscles in action and devise something lustrous.For these amazing roadmaps, set some extravagant long term goals, think of the future, plan before you do and prove yourself to be a leader.

Plan ahead with your navigation skills upto 3 months, excavate, analyze, reform your plans for the ultimate prize, want to hear what’s that? Delphi! The centre of these mystic lands, get a hold of that land, earn your paramount bonanza.
Now let’s have a look on ways to play your very own immortal conquest.

Play Immortal Conquest on PC and Mac

Immortal Conquest on PC


Unfortunately for the Personal computer or Apple’s Mac users, steam option is not available to play Immortal Conquest. Enough of the bad news? Now let’s get you happy!

The good news is we have something called emulator ease off your tensions. Here is an intro of what an emulator is!

An emulator is a software or like a software (depends upon its type) which is typically used to make your PC or Mac behave like another system. Depending upon the emulators, a PC would behave like another environment like Android or IOS. Same goes for Macs, an emulator can effectively turn your Mac’s environment into an android one, given the use of a correct emulator. Talking in kiddy terms, an emulator is like a virtual joystick, which when installed on your PC or Mac, allows you to play, use and work on different android applications and other specs. The next question that may arise in your mind is, which emulator should be used? One thing you need to understand is that, the internet world is full these colorful and most effective emulators like as follows:

Let’s talk of the two of the best: Bluestacks and Koplayer.
Here is a link to download both emulators.

Bluestacks for Immortal conquest

Bluestacks logoHere is the comprehensive guide to lead you to a thrilling game experience.

  1. Using the link, you can download the Bluestacks file.
  2. Once you download it, configuring all settings, you can easily install it on your PC desktop or Mac.
  3. After opening the Bluestacks icon on the desktop, you will see the Google play store icon on main bluestacks screen. Just get the play store open in your PC by the click.
  4. Now, it’s just like the android environment, you can search for Immortal Conquest and download it.
  5. After download it’s ready for you to play and enjoy!

Setup Immortal Conquest on PC


Koplayer for Immortal Conquest

Koplayer logo

  1. As given in the link, download the android emulator Koplayer.
  2. Run all the setting and install Koplayer.
  3. A Koplayer icon will display on the desktop after installation.
  4. Open Koplayer, get the playstore over there.
  5. Get the Immortal Conquest on your PC or Mac from there.
  6. After installation nothing is left but for you to enjoy.

Immortal Conquest on Android

Logo AndroidCome on! It’s so easy!! Have a look yourself.

  1. Get to you android’s play store.
  2. Look for Immortal Conquest by NetEase games.
  3. Install it and play!

But still, there are some system requirements, let’s check them:

  • The game needs at least a space of 56 MB, so make sure to have this space.
  • Your Android must be 2.3 or higher so that you can build your empire.
  • It needs an access to your media, Call details and wifi etc, which almost every game does.

Immortal Conquest on IOS

Logo iOS

  1. Pop out you App store.
  2. Get to the search bar Immortal Conquest.
  3. After you see it, don’t waste a second and get it on your slim and smart iphone to make it more stylish.
  4. Nothing is left! Just open and play.

Let’s have a look at the system requirements for IOS devices for playing the game:

  • An Apple user should immediately free up at least 650 MB space in order for him to enjoy this combo adventure, it’s not a game at all but rather a passion! So hurry up with a free space.
  • Immortal Conquest requires an IOS device with version 8.0 or up, It is also Compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

Immortal Conquest on other OS

Logo ChromecastImmortal Conquest is unfortunately not available on other Operating Softwares like Xbox Softwares, Chromecast or even on Microsoft Store. But this should not be a concern for you as in the lines to come we are going to list some of the most enthusiastic games by the same developers so that you have the most near experience to that of the Immortal Conquest, also you can check out whether these are available for the above mentioned OS or not!

In-app purchases of Immortal Conquest

Immortal Conquest like other flamboyant games of NetEase Developers, offer a broad range of In-app purchases for its user in order for them to fulfil their dreams of being the conquerors in a more swishy way.
Here are few products with prices:

  1. 1000 Gems: $19.99
  2. 50 Gems: $0.99
  3. Value Gairo Series: $4.99
  4. Sunday Value Pack: $1.99


Well, who would like to leave such a highly exotic game and get onto something else? But unfortunately, if yours incompatible with survivor royale, due to some maybe unknown reasons, still you should not worry! We have another amazing collection for you to play from also

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the methods of payment of In-app purchases?
    In app purchases can be done by several methods using your Visa Card, Debit Card or paypal.
  • Why game is not getting downloaded?
    Go through the system requirements to ensure your device is compatible with the game and if so you can easily download the game given your device is in healthy condition.
  • When the new version is coming?
    The new version has been most recently updated on April 15,2019 with new features such as graphics enhancement increased limit for various In-app products, and also stay tuned to get any instinct of the new version to be released.
  • My game account is hacked, what can I do?
    Here is the developer’s email, [email protected]
    Get to the developer, describing all your game creds and anything further that they may ask, and then wait for their necessary actions to recover your account.
  • Why the app is getting crashed?
    There must be a problem with your phone memory or the RAM, as a device with less space is more likely to crash while playing a game with good graphics. Secondly, there can also be an issue in your network connection or internet, so make sure to have all things right.