Beginners Guide To Build An Empire In Immortal Conquest

Immortal Conquest is an MMO strategy game where you have control of your land on a huge map shared by the number of other players from around the world. Being an emperor, you know very well that size of your empire matters when it comes to fighting against enemies. So, it is better to learn to build an empire in Immortal Conquest before you jump into this competitive world.

To start, you must have Gairos with different skills that can help you in making powerful troops. Now, continue reading to learn how to build an empire as a beginner.


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Guide For Building An Empire

Focus on building

In the beginning, the main focus is on harvesting resources and on building strengths of the city. At the same time, you need to know that your buildings are the sources to retrieve the number of resource rewards, so you must not neglect them.

Also, never use all resources in upgrading your buildings.

Explore to avoid enemy’s territory

You trooped to any land connected to your land. Also, you will get a warning of danger when you run into the land that comes under your enemy’s territory, which will result in battle, so be prepared for that. Also, to spare the resources, you must first explore a safer route to avoid trotting the enemy’s territory.

Collect resources

The best way to collect resources as the beginners is to make the decent rewards offered by the quests and you can also capture more land to get greater resources. Your troops can also help you in retrieving resources from the farm.

Use troops wisely

There are three types of troops in Immortal Conquest – cavalry, infantry, and archer, they act as rock, paper and scissors in your gameplay. All three are somewhere strong and weak against each other. So, you must think about how to use these different troop types.

Occupying cities

Occupying cities in Immortal Conquest works great in the long run. But, you must also know that this is not possible alone, so if you want to conquer a city, you need your alliance. When you get success in conquering a city, the whole alliance will get rewarded with an extra bonus.


Like, when you want to occupy an NPC city, all you need is to focus on destroying its durability. Also, you have to conquer destroy tile first in order to get the Center tile. Here, dropping the durability of Center tile to zero is the merely way to conquer the entire city.

Focus on skills and combinations

Gairos plays an important role when it comes to capturing land. It means that you have to focus on the upgrades and combinations of your Gairos skills. You can create new skills and even dismantle the useless skills. So, make sure to do these tasks carefully.

Earn gems

You need to participate in events or to buy items from the store to earn gems. The gems are useful for gaining the best units as well as the powerful Gairo types, so it is advised not to waste your gems on speeding up the construction of the building.