Best Alternatives To Immortal Conquest

Immortal Conquest is a great tactical war strategy game that combines planning, strategizing and real-time combats that come together for a gripping experience. The game combines all the good elements of popular video games to give the player a wholesome experience. The aim is to combat all your opponents and capture the centre of the land, the capital city of Delphi.


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Immortal Conquest allows players to explore a vast map, with over 2 million different pieces of land. The players are allowed to summon mythological deities and gods during their conquests. Players are allowed to choose from over 300 different troops and select the best combination that suits your gaming style and strategy the best.

Any gamer would love to try Immortal conquest if they are looking for a video game that covers all the aspects of gaming that they enjoy or appreciate. However, numerous other games allow players to engage both in strategizing and real-time fights, giving them safe satisfaction as Immortal Conquest would. Here are some of those games-

1941 Frozen Front

If you’ve ever dreamed about leading an army and being a valiant commander as a child, you can realise this dream virtually with 1941 Frozen Front. The game allows players to choose between leading German troops as they launch an attack or soviet forces that are defending Russia. You can earn your stripes for being an ingenious commander if you choose the right tactics and warfare.

Allies in War

Command a powerful modern world army during a real-time battle. You can build a base, by upgrading buildings and creating new structures. Allies in War pushes players to destroy enemy bases. This gives the user the freedom to command a battalion in any way they want and force enemies into submission to make them fear your alliance.

Z War

The world is under threat from a swarm of zombies that are trying to take over the world. You can use artillery, missiles and tanks to wage a war against countless undead monsters. Collect crucial survival tools as you go along to ensure that you can survive longer and fight off more zombies.

Alliance Wars- Global Invasion

Spread your dominance in all corners of the world by forming powerful allies, build and upgrade units and engage in real-time combat. The game involves research, building and upgrading the best units and expand your empire on this basis. You have at your disposal a wide array of weapons such as drones, tanks, tactical nukes.

These games provide the perfect combination of wits and skills and hence are as interesting as Immortal Conquest. Go ahead and try these games today to enjoy playing these games on along and lazy day!