Immortal Conquest – Some Helpful Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Immortal Conquest is a free strategy game that allows players to create and manage their cities, along with maintaining alliances with other players from around the world. The alliances are built to collect resources and conquer the world. If you are MMO strategy war game, you must play Immortal Conquest to gain the real gaming experience.

Here, we are going to share some tips and tricks that will help you to understand and play Immortal Conquest in a better way.


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Mix and match your Gairos

You must know that all heroes are different from one another, so the best way is to use the specific skills of each Gairo to take on different enemies. If you have three Gairos from the same empire, you are able to get an additional 10% buff to attack, defense, and speed. If you have three Gairos from the same type, you will get extra bonuses. So, it is better to mix and match your Gairos to give maximum damage.

Team up strategically

You must think strategically for forming alliances. When you are in the early stage of your game, you will find alliances at the same level, so the best idea is to form alliances with neighboring players so that you can use their territories and land with high resources. When you progress in the game, players will start attacking weaker cities and build their empires. So, instead of later in the game, you should start making alliances in the beginning.

Manage different skills

In immortal Conquest, skills play a great role in determining how much a particular Gairo is capable of and they also bring a huge impact on the results. The best idea is to manage different skills as per the situation of the different battle with the enemies. You can also use your gems and coins to gain the benefits of more skills, which you can also add to your Gairo’s skills and use them effectively in the battle.

Create new skills through research

In this game, you are allowed to create new skills through research as well as you can also dismantle the skills which are no longer in use. In order to learn new skills, you require more research on them. As all skills have different uses and purposes, so make sure to choose your skills wisely.

Use coins wisely

When you have enough coins to upgrade, the first thing that you should upgrade is the Titan, Nordic, Celtic and Egyptian temples. They work effectively in giving you the number of choices when there is a need to get a Gairo. The coins are also used in forming alliances, which in turn help in expanding and strengthening your empire.

Gain crucial ruins

When you are in PvP battles, you fight with other players for territory and resources as well as to gain crucial ruins. When you succeed in getting ruins of your enemy’s sub-city, you will receive the levels of all the buildings without upgrading these buildings from scratch. Please note that the government hall is not included here.

If you want to play Immortal Conquest like a pro, you need to know and follow these tips and tricks wisely.