Similar Games for Immortal Conquest War Strategy Lovers

Immortal Conquest is a war strategy game in which your main aim is to build and expand your empire by any means necessary. Research for troop combinations, expanding the territory, joining alliance battles and making strategies to realize your goals are all involved in the gameplay. You need to have troop tactics, politics, skills and everything in order to win the game.

Immortal Conquest War

Immortal Conquest is not the only action game on this planet, you have various other games as well if you love the games with the aim to kill enemies and be the winner. Here are some games that are similar to Immortal Conquest in various ways.

Rise Wars

If you are looking for a strategy game similar to Immortal Conquest, you can choose to play Rise Wars, which is one of the world’s domination games. In this gameplay, get all medals scattered in the game, make the strategies to increase the military rank and moreover, you have to work on everything for improving your rank in order to become the best player in the world. The gameplay is not limited to just one location, you have various maps to enjoy, including North America, Europe, etc. and even you can submit your own maps as well.

King of Thrones

This game is very much similar to Immortal Conquest in the way you perform statics to rule the world. With this gameplay, you get an opportunity to show who the Ruler of the world is. Building and expanding your territory is the main aim of each player in the game. The only way to expand your kingdom is to conquer other territories by defeating your enemies in real-time battles. Build a strong troop, so that you can confidently declare war against other players and enjoy the entire game in your hands. Simply lead the glory and achieve victory.

Lord of War

This game is all about playing as a warrior whose main aim is to dominate the battlefield by destroying all the enemies. The players from other corners of the world also participate in the battle of power, wealth and fame. Exploring the territories, finding new locations and challenging other players are all involved in this strategic gameplay. You have the freedom to choose your troops and battle against other players in real-time. Build your kingdom, gather resources, recruit and train an army for the battle. Choose from various kinds of soldier classes and do everything to win the war.



Many of you might be thinking about how Fortnite can be a similar game to Immortal Conquest. Like immortal conquest, in Fortnite game also you have to fight against other players with the aim to destroy all of them so that you can become the winner of the game. Both games involve a huge list of weapons, items and planning strategies to defeat the enemies in all possible ways. You can play together with other players to defend and build the structures with the goal to level up in the game. Conquering the battlefield is the main motive of this gameplay.

Choose the one and start playing to gain a similar gaming experience.